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Selling to niche markets and in local territories differs from national account sales. I specialize in helping skyrocket your sales... today.

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To overcome overcoming sales objections, you need effective, efficient, proven techniques... sales training Resources the value
Stress-Free Selling.®

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Dynamic Stress-Free Selling® training is customized with immediately-useable tactics. sales training Seminars, Programs, Courses & Workshops Follow-up programs further insure results.

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Overcome Overcoming Sales Objections

You Can Achieve Sales Success Without Stress

Overcome Sales Obstacles and Grow Revenue... Even in This Market

When times are difficult, it's critical to grow your sales skills. Think about this: when the average business does well, your sales team will do well being average. When the economy is changing or struggling, you need to arm your sales people with exceptional sales skills, otherwise, the average sales person will follow the average trend. When average is declining, so are you.

The good news is that following a few key guidelines, most average sales people can make a significant impact on their sales. They just need to know what those keys are.

Here's one of countless results of Stress-Free Selling®...
Working for a media company, I outsold three surrounding markets combined! And I wasn't creaming. I went very deep. I upgraded every customer possible. Everyone bought at established prices... even though all my competitors disounted. And a fifth of them happily paid 15% - 30% premiums for upgrades. I took the company from a nobody with eleven customers to the market leader. The good news is: Stress-Free Selling ® works for all types of businesses.

Stress-Free Selling® is born!
In 2004 while leading a sales training seminar, the stress-free selling philosophy unfolded: When you skip steps, you miss sales and wonder how to turn things around. When you don't skip steps, sales happen naturally... and you don't leave sales calls wondering what to do. The benefits are immediate!!

Today Stress-Free Selling® helps thousands achieve their goals... Including you.

Improving Sales Skills Improves Sales

Through webinars, sales training manuals or Mp3s, seminars or workshops, you will discover fundamentals and nuances that increase sales. On LinkedIn, Brad Bentley

Start with Stress-Free Selling® and end up with success!!

Seminars and workshops are highly-customized to overcome your specific obstacles and position you for success… quicker and stress-free. "What you presented was perfect for my business." I hear this typical comment whether I'm working with product or service companies who sell to consumers or businesses face-to-face or over the phone.

The bottom line is: Stress-Free Selling® works! Take the challenge: Implement Stress-Free Selling®, and you'll have specific, workable tools, strategies and tactics to overcome overcoming objections and achieve your goals. I guarantee it!

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